Backblast #theFog 10/19

Thanks to those who joined me this past Saturday

PAX-  Jitterbug (QIC) , Gypsy, Wapner, Stick Up, Huggies, Bear (Huggies 2.0)

Quicky Mosey and COP  Including:  SSH, Abe Vigodas, Imperial Walkers, Threw in a few Combination SSH/Tuck Jump Combination thing somebody made me do at The O last week….went OK. Finished with Stretching and then remained in Plank as Group Completed a Series of Single Count Merkins followed immediately by Single Count Mountain Climbers. Started with 10, then 8, then 6, etc. down to 2

Thang 1- Mosey to Playground started on one end  and Did a circuit of 10 Hops Ups , 25 Yard Bear Crawl, Mosey to Play Set for 5 Pull ups, Mosey back and Rinse and Repeat x 3.

Thang 2- Mosey to Pavilion Utilized a Bench and completed 3 sets of Merkin Variations followed by 20 dips and 20 Single Count Bonnie Blairs

Thang 3 – Mosey to Egg Lawn-  Thought it would be fun to Mosey around the Egg Lawn and Stop at each lamp post; on the Odd Numbers did a Burpee, on the Even numbers did a Jump Squat.  Not sure it was fun, but it was effective

To this point we had noticed that Due to a cough and cold weather combination, Huggies was struggling a bit to keep up; luckily Bear was right there with him and helped bring him along. But ultimately the Cough got the best of Huggies and Bear decided it was best to get him outta there.  Tclaps to Bear for taking care of the old man!

Thang 4-  Mosey to Parking Lot and Partnered Up.  Partner 1 would Bear Crawl to First Lamp Post, Bernie to the end of the Lot then “Sprint” Back, while partner 2 did a Dora Exercise, then switch. Did 4 rounds and Dora Exercise included, Boyos, Jump Squats, Carolina Dry Docks and Squats.  Final Round all together of a Bear Crawl, Bernie to end of Lot and Sprint Back to Start

5 minutes of Mary, Name-O-rama, and COT.   Thanks to all who came out.

Jitterbug Out!



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