10.21.19 Ghost Q-Back Blast for The Incubator @ Posh

You likely don’t know this but your Bird used to do professional theatre in Cincinnati. I love dressing up, getting into character and stepping into another world. Oh, and I probably own more wigs than what is acceptable for a man in his early 40’s. I am also a big fan of the Halloween season. So when Nino announced the fantastic Ghost Q initiative, I started thinking about what I would do if any other site Q’s asked me to step up. Thankfully, Deep Dish would give me that opportunity. By the way, he did a great job with follow up, follow through and is a solid representation of what it means to be a site Q.

For this Q, I had the idea that I would do my best to keep my identity a secret as best I could, of course leading up to it, but also for the entirety of the workout. First things first: Hide my face. Head down to the basement and pull out my bin full of goodies. Found a legit skull mask and Grim Reaper hood. Ought to do the trick. Next: something to change my voice. Found a Voice Plus app and used the “Blain” setting. Pre recorded each workout from COP to the very end (a bit nervous for this as there was a lot that could go wrong). Next: sleep on it….not too good might I add. Alarm would sound and I would get up and out, showing to the AO at 0500 to set up. At 0515 I would hide out behind the AC units on the side of the building until the PAX showed up. At about 8 minutes till, Lady Bird would show up…with his German Shepherd! Certainly she would smell me and my plan would be foiled! But in true Ninja fashion, I was invisible…even to her. 0529-Emerge from the shadows to greet the PAX:

Buzzsaw, Jewel, Ripple, Stick Up, Deep Dish, Woooo., Uncle Rico, Lady Bird (R), Bob Ross, BigBird (Ghost Q)

Some grumbles from a few and pretty sure Bob Ross and Uncle Rico knew it was me straight away(damn it! Should have parked my car farther away!). Nonetheless, they couldn’t be certain. Had to stay in character. The show must go on. Holding my blue tooth speaker up, let Blane do the talking and off for a mosey.

COP: SSH-50 oyo, Mountain Climbers-50 oyo-each leg is a half, Plank Jacks-50 oyo, Peter Parkers-30 oyo-each leg is one, quad stretch.


Mosey to the ovular lot for The Thang:

We would run the lot stopping to do work at each quarter. The work was Hand Release Merkins, Squats, Merkins, Jump Lunges. We would start at 50 reps each and after every lap go down 10. So…50,40,30,20,10-completion At one point during the work, I heard Bob Ross say, “Bird’s still got his f___ing mask on!” Two things here: 1)He’s certain it’s me and 2) The mask ain’t coming off! Gotta push through!


Next we would circle up at the building for the Ghostbuster theme song. SSH for the duration and drop for a burpee every time we heard…”Ghost”

PAX feeling smoked, YHC I included, that was my time. Mask was taken off, my identity was revealed and I encouraged the PAX not to ever try that one.

We circled up for COR, NOR and COT. Made a coupe of announcements and said a few intentions. It was great to workout with some familiar faces but also to meet dudes like Buzzsaw, Ripple and Stick up that I had not worked with before. You guys all put in strong work on this day and I appreciate you for indulging me in some stupid shit.

Until next time…


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