10/28 bayside BlackOps kiloQ

Farmer Ryan

Glauc knew what he was doing when he started f3 in Shelby county. In about 2 years this site has grown, but more importantly the pax of bayside have grown together in fitness fellowship and faith. It’s really cool to see, and you should check out this AO if you haven’t.


Kilo, Worm, Glauc, Sadie, grandpa bear, charolois, Fanny pack, air supply, birdie, schotze, squid


30 plank jacks

30 mtn climbers

30 SSH

off for mosey with high knees, karaoke, and sprints mixed in.


killer Bs modified

10 ya broad jump

10 jump squats

10 Bonnie blairs

10 big boy sit-ups

10 yard broad jump

same 3 exercises abocs

10 yard broad jump

same 3 exercises

Bernie Sanders back to the 0 yard line.
repeat x5

moseyed down to the school courtyard area for some step ups and incline merkins before heading back to the flag for a couple minutes of ab o Rama.

always a pleasure to lead these HIM in Shelby county. Love my boys!


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