BB Tuesday, 10/29/19 The Loco @ The County Backflop Q

It was great to get out and Q in the County. It was a bit last minute, but I was able to pull together a gauntlet WO for the PAX. Much like the lighted ladder WO I did a month ago, we put it back in action with coupon in-hand. Sorry by the way this is publishing late.

PAX: Pelican, Crockpot, Fungi, Asian Zing (R), Viking, Peach, Wildflower, Powder Coat, Gilligan, Abacas, Meter Maid, Jerry McQuire (R), Mud Bug, Rocky, Brown Water, Gisele, Jolly Rancher, Airplane

Weather: 51 degrees, perfect beat down weather

COR: 30 SSH IC, 15 Toy Soldier IC, 10 Grass Grabbers, Kindra Newman OYO, Michael Phelps OYO, Runners Stretches (right over left, left over right), quad stretches

Thang #1 – 10 lighted station (ladder) workout w/ coupon

10 lighted stations

30 reps per station

After completion of each lighted station, PAX mosey/ walk w/coupon back to station #1, turn around, the mosey/walk w/coupon back to the next station in the line-up.

1st station – 30 x Derkins w/ coupon

2nd station – 30 x lunges w/ coupon

3rd station – 30 x squats w/ coupon

4th station – 30 x big boys w/coupon

5th station – 30 x bicep curls w/ coupon

6th station – 30 x American hammers w/ coupon

7th station – 30 x shoulder press w/ coupon

8th station – 30 x kettle bell swings w/ coupon

9th station – 30 x upright rows w/ coupon

10th station – 30 x Manmakers

Thang #2 – all out run to the far island and back

Return coupons and circle up for some Mary

20 Gas pumps, 20 LBC’s, 1 min plank


Announcements – please keep Bulletin in your prayers as he will be donating a kidney to his sister first week of November.

COT – I’ve been posting regularly since May and its been an absolute pleasure getting to know all the guys. I have made many new friendships and for that I am forever grateful. Let’s carry this bright light from our WO out into our community and be a shinning example for everyone to see.

Ended with an Our Father.

next Q for Backflop is right around the corner. SYITG!!

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