Back Blast North Posh 11/4/19

PAX: Catfish, PorkChop, Gilligan, Alexa, Dauber, Backflop, Airplane – Q. Conditions: clear and cool around 35 degrees. COP: SSH IC, Imperial walkers IC, grass grabbers IC, mosey down the hill. Rinse and repeat. 5 BOYO. Mosey up the hill and grab a pallet.

Thang 1: “build a bear” start with 1 burpee, push pallet down the front hill of north posh, 2 merkins, push pallet back up the hill, 3 ass to grass squats, push pallet down the hill, 4 mountain climbers, push pallet back up, 5 burpees, push……you get it. We didn’t this for a while. Please note 7 pax, but only 5 pallets so we switched off as needed.

Thing 2: same as thing one minus the pallet

Thang C: pallet push race. Two teams pushing as far and as fast as possible switching as needed down the hill and back up. We did this twice, ended in a 1-1 tie.

COR, NOR, announcements: sock drive, November ruck the Friday before thanksgiving and something else I forgot. Ended with thanks. Always a pleasure to lead.


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