11.6.19 Back Blast for The Foundry- BigBird Q

They say do what you’re uncomfortable doing right? Well, I’ve only Q’d The Foundry once before and in my critical opinion, it was lackluster and left something to be desired. So sign me up Alexa for another shot (long over due, I know…). That doesn’t mean I won’t be nervous. But you know what? Sometimes that’s when one is at their best. When the nerves are at their peak. When you feel like you have something to prove. To others? Maybe. To oneself? Fo Sho! So I put a lot of thought into this one and decided we were going to pretend like it’s a day at the gym and focus on one body part…and punish it!

6 other PAX would join me, perhaps having some idea of what’s in store…perhaps not.

Pelican, Dauber, Leprechaun, Holy Roller, Alexa, Crockpot, BigBird (QIC)

Said disclaimer and off for a mosey around the school. Gathered coupons and back to the playground.

Of course we’re doing a Tabata: Shoulder press.


The Thang:

Split up into two groups. In group 1, one PAX would coupon farmer carry for about 50 yrds. While he did that the rest of the team did 3 sets of 10 of whatever was on the board, trying not to double up. In group 2, one PAX would mosey with a 45lb plate over head for about 50 yrds in the other direction. Similarly, the rest of the team did work. Carried on on this fashion for about 25 minutes.


Head to the wall and do Wall Hand Stands for 60 seconds to one of my favorite Sesame Street songs, LadyBug Picnic. It’s a gem of a song that you should play to your young 2.0. At this point, shoulders were definitely smoked.

We had time for one final thing and Dauber called out wall sits (I mean, we were already at the wall after all) and hold it until Alexa called time.

Circled up around the flag and The Beat Down Bat..,that is sure to keep permanent residency at The County. I mean, it’s hard enough to get outside of the Watterson! Much less to carry a 35 lb bat back home with you!…Anyway…where was I? Oh yeah. Circled up for COR, NOR and COT. Prayed for Bulletin who was to undergo surgery to donate his kidney to his sister Karen on 11.7.19, early in the morning. Alexa made the announcement that he was handing over Site Q duties to Dauber. Well deserved as he has become a staple of the group. His work ethic, positivity and consistency make him an easy candidate for early Wednesday mornings at The Foundry. And Alexa is a true HIM for having the vision and taking the phrase “Freed to Lead” to heart. You dominated! Fantastic job, Friend!

Lifted our intentions up to the Sky Q, asked that he help us to lead by positive examples and to be the beacon of light to those in darkness.

Until Next Time…


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