11/18/2019 Black Ops at the O BackBlast

I didn’t have a lot of time to put together a workout, so I just blew off the dust of a workout I Q’d before.
Weather – 37 degrees, chilly and damp at 0530
PAX – Glen Ross, Blueprint, Fergie, Pope, and Fallguy Q

F3 Disclaimer – I told this fine group of men that I am not a professional, and every exercise is merely a suggestion and please modify as necessary. We moseyed to the tennis courts for COP:


Imperial Walkers

Grass Grabbers

Hamstring and Calf Stretches

We then moseyed to the top of the hill at Garden Drive. On the way, we spot a speeding SUV with one headlight heading directly for us.  Pope went off road into the grass in anticipation of trouble, and my whole life passed in front of my eyes. Somehow the idiot missed all of us and thankfully none of us crapped our pants or were injured. We courageously continued on.

Thang #1 –

Garden Drive hill was a mainstay at the O when I first started working out with the group, so I wanted to bring it back. If you don’t know this hill, it is steep and it is long. We all started at the top of the hill, did 4 Boyos and ran to the bottom of the hill, did 1 Boyo then ran back to the top. At the top we did 3 Boyos ran to the bottom did 2 and so on until we finished with 1 Boyo at the top and 4 at the bottom.

Thang #2 –

We then ran to the bridge at the base of the hill on Sunnyside Drive. We did 20 Dips then ran to the top of the hill on Sunnyside Drive and did 5 Plank Jacks. We did 3 sets of 20 Dips and 5 Plank Jacks. This is another steep and long hill, however the guys were up to the challenge.

Thang #3 –

We then ran to the top of what we like to call Cogan’s Hill. This is also called the half-pipe. We started at the top of the hill and ran the half-pipe to the first light pole on the opposite hill of Briar Hill Road. At the top, bottom and top of each lap, we started with 1 merkin, then ran the half-pipe back to the top.We worked our way up to 6 before running out of time.

Thang #4 –

We then moseyed to the tennis courts for some Mary work. I started and then we went around the circle and each guy gave an exercise:


Flutter Kicks

Freddie Mercurys

V Ups


We moseyed back to the flag. We said a prayer for Pope’s friend and my cousin’s wife. I told the guys that I hoped that this was the hardest thing that each of us had to deal with today. I also told them that whether they knew it or not, they were living the best days of their lives. They each have young children who are still impressionable and they look up to their daddies for guidance. Please be patient with them. I asked the group to strive to be the best fathers, husbands, sons, employers and/or employees, and citizens. I hope it was a good workout and that everyone had fun.

Fall Guy


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