Back Blast 11.19 – Lionel’s VQ – Dora @ the Mutt

It was a pleasant 36 degrees at 0530. Attire for the day was running tights under pants, thermal layer under hoodie with a beanie, neck warmer, and gloves. I like to sweat in the cold.

PAX: (Fall Guy (R), Tiger, Deuce, Glen Ross, Pumb Bob, Snowman, Larry Flynt, Windshield, Pepperoni, Fridge, Pope, Hamm, Soft Top, Lionel)

Began promptly at 05:30 as Tiger got out of his car with the disclaimer that I am not a professional and modify as you need.  After the disclaimer we moseyed around the school for the CoP and began with 20 SSH, I proceeded to mix up Abe Vigodas and Kendra Newmans, after clarification from Glen Ross we proceeded with 15 Abe Vigodas, 20 Grass Grabbers, downward dog, runner’s stretch, and then correctly identified Kendra Newmans. 

The Thang: Partner up and each pair was sent for a coupon . . . gathered back at the portico and used each bay as a starting gate for Dora.  One partner did a lap around the striped parking area and finished the lap with 10 SSH, the other partner worked with the coupon until the lap was done.  The pair chipped away at 100 OH Press, 200 RDLs (those hammies will thank me tomorrow), and 300 goblet squats.  We planked for the six, Soft Top gave us a 10 count after everyone finished.  Then we ran it back for another round of Dora with 100 curls, 200 bent over rows, and 300 chest press.  The #mumblechatter subsided as the work went on.  Quickly wrapped up, returned the coupons, and gathered around the flag . . . no time for Mary . . . the beatdown was over . . . until next time. 

CountoRama was 14 for this chilly November morning, After I ended the NameoRama with Li-O-Nel Snowman gracefully corrected me on the pronunciation of my name as Li’Nel.  It was announced that the push is on for the Sock Drive for St. John’s – we are in the last week – Uncle Rico may make an appearance Thursday to pick up socks.  Fall Guy announced the imminent passing of his cousin’s wife Sally Hasselwander from Alzheimer’s (Unfortunately she passed yesterday, prayers for her and the family as they celebrate her life).

I’ve been coming out for about a month now, and I commented on the positive impact this group has had on me in such a short period.  I am thankful for the inspiration of HIMs getting together consistently no matter the conditions.  It has brightened my day and given me encouragement to try and improve myself to be a better husband, father, and person.  I also echoed Glen Ross’s comments last week that we as a group have been given much, so try to take a moment to give a little back this time of year and brighten someone else’s day.   

We closed out with a moment for silent intentions and an Our Father.

SYITG – Lionel

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