Back Blast – Agony & the County – 12/05/2019


Mama’s Boy sent out a text on Wednesday morning asking for some help to pick up his Q so he could continue to heal up from a cold.  Meanwhile, I was just looking at the calendar the night before trying to find a WO to Q.  Problem solved – I jumped on the opportunity to help out this HIM.

As my pre-blast suggested, people joke about it…but the concept of Q-juice is legit.  YHC is here to tell you that it’s a real thing.  And if you haven’t had a sip yet of that precious nectar, then you should sign up to Q somewhere [shameless plug, but Pleasantville would love to host you for your VQ!].  The juice is worth the squeeze and it lasts longer than the 45- or 60-minute workout.

Where else can you control the actions of other men like they’re your puppets?  Where else can you express the level of creativity and tomfoolery that is waiting to be unleashed in each and every one of us?  What other forum would accept the potential risks of having an inexperienced and uneducated person lead a workout of others?  What other forum provides the development opportunities to build the confidence and leadership traits by stepping up to Q?  Sorry, I’ll put the Q-juice away…on to the back-blast!

Short notice to plan the weinke, but, it’s getting easier each consecutive time I Q so it shouldn’t be too terrible, right?  I’ll let the PAX be the judge.

I arrived in the parking lot with the PAX ready and waiting.  Let’s get busy!  I was so excited that I gave the disclaimer mid-mosey towards the front parking lot after my very brief introductions to the HIMs that call The County their home AO.


  • Big Bug
  • Pelican
  • Brown Water
  • Cratchit
  • Scratch-n-Dent
  • Jerry Maguire
  • Fear Factor
  • Valdez
  • Jolly Rancher (Q)

We also were honored for the 9023 consecutive WO at the County to host the Beatdown Bat.


Mosey to the front parking lot for a little COP, which included:

  • SSH – 50x [I warned the PAX of the count in advance!]
  • Downward Dog / Calf Stretches [so I could catch by breath]
  • Imperial Squat Walkers – 10x
  • Finkle Kicks – 10x each leg

No time to waste.  So we headed out with a mosey to the coupon cache and then to the large parking lot in the rear for Thang 1.

Thang 1 – The Cooper

The goal here is to basically do a set of exercises with 10x reps, then do a lap and then come back to rinse and repeat the set of exercises with 9x reps.  And then keep rinsing and repeating until 1x rep.  The lap was basically from one end of the parking lot to the far median by Central Avenue and back.  The exercise set was:

  • Skull Crushers w/ Coupon
  • Curls w/ Coupon
  • Weighted Squats w/ Coupon
  • Flutter Kicks w/ Coupon Overhead

Valdez pretty much lapped everyone and lapped me twice.  Scratch-n-Dent wasn’t too far behind.  Beasts.

We then returned the coupons while carrying them overhead from the parking lot to the coupon cache – burn the arms some more.

Thang 2 – Dips

We set out for a small mosey to the hill between the church and the school and set up shop on the guardrail for some dips.  I announced to the PAX we’d do 20x, 15x, 10x, and then 5x each with a short 10 count in between.  We did that, but I lied and upped the ante from 5x to 10x on the last round…we all survived the white lie.

Another short mosey towards the flag.

Thang 3 – Merkin Time Bomb

Goal here was to circle up and one of the PAX starts with 10x reps of merkins.  At 3x, the next PAX starts with 10x – and rinse and repeat around the circle in a waterfall fashion.  When the circle comes back around to the PAX who started, the rep count declines by 1.

We made it through to 5x and time was called.  Should anyone ever want to see a textbook merkin, just find Big Bug – he’s your man.  Good thing he has a beard, because his chin hair hit the asphalt after every rep.  Killing it, my man!  He has a VQ coming up on December 14!  Don’t miss it!

Woof.  My arms are still sore!


We ended with the normal count-a-rama, name-a-rama, announcements and intentions.  During intentions, I asked the PAX to look to their left and right and see if anyone was missing – particularly that PAX who head-locked them or the PAX who continued to push them when they needed motivation.  The cold weather is too good of an excuse to fart sack – we need to keep being the accountability partners for one another on this road to become better men together.  I expect that you will do the same for me if I show up missing!

Jolly Rancher out!




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