BackBlast – the T.O.G 12/12/19 Vincent (Q)

Just as I foretold in the pre-blast, it was a clear morning and the moon was lighting up the Gloom at the O.  PAX present – Loco, Cookie, Violet, Butcher, Flo Jo, Splinter, Yoshi, Jitterbug (R) and Vincent (Q).  The temp was 24 degrees when I climbed out of my car to get ready.  Being that chilly we wasted no time and took off running the Loop right a 5:30.  It was an extended COP as we ran the full mile around, stopping 4 times to circle up for various warmup exercises.  This was all in preparation for the main thang.  I had the PAX run through this session at the VET last week and it was a face-melter.  I didn’t expect any Vetters to make it to the O and have to repeat this but Yoshi made the trip and got to experience the Escalator all over again.

Using the inner perimeter of the fenced in area of 4 courts there was a station at each corner.  First time around you did the assigned exercise at corner 1 and ran the loop once.  Each time through you added a station and each station added an exercise.  This is what it looked like.

10 burpees x 4 – station one each time through

10 buprees and 15 Dry docks x 3 – station two – 2nd, 3rd and last time through.

10 burps, 15 DD’s. 20 Imperial Squat Walkers x 2 – station three – 3rd and last time through.

10 burps, 15 DD’s, 20 Imp. Sq. Walkers x 1 – station four – last time through.

This took us right to 6:15.  Everyone completed the cycle but there was zero mumblechatter.

Finished with count, name-o-rama and COT.  Until next time, SYITG.  Vincent.


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