12.14.19 Back Blast –  The Nest @ The County-Big Bugs VQ

Pelican gave me the green light and was fully supportive of “Something New” for my VQ. I was really hoping the PAX would bring an open mind and have a willingness to try some new things. The PAX was truly awesome. All 16 PAX were engaged, focused, and completely into learning new movements.

The PAX spent a considerable amount of time stretching, going through Pistol and Handstand Pushup progressions. There was some mumble chatter and groaning heard while holding static stretches as the PAX demonstrated varying degrees of mobility. The Pistols were awesome; everyone in the PAX either improved or nailed Pistols by the end of the progression. I was blown away by how game the PAX was during the Handstand Pushup progressions. Many in the pax had never kicked up into a handstand against a wall, but the mentally tough PAX were ALL IN. There were several spills (it’s rumored Pelican still had a headache this morning), but everyone got better and there were some legitimate handstand pushups being performed in the PAX by the end of the progression. Props to Valdez and Dauber (sorry if I missed you) on their handstand pushups (Flanders doesn’t count because he was already proficient) and thanks to Flanders for helping demonstrate and teach.

After partnering up for “Death by Pull-ups”, we finished up with a CrossFit style circuit that the PAX attacked with courage and resolve.

Conditions: Light rain and cold

PAX: Captain Crunchberry, Valdez, Drysdale, Pelican, Leprechaun, Dauber, Brown Water, Jolly Rancher, Cratchit, Backflop, Short Timer (FNG), Nuts and Bolts (FNG), Happy Meal, Flanders, Bulletin (R), Big Bug (Q)

Circled up. Disclaimer… after Back Flop reminded me by asking if I was a professional. Long Mosey.

Static Stretching (30 second holds): Pretzel, Hamstrings, Pigeon, Frog, Quads

Pistol Progression: Feet together squat, Off foot behind ankle and flat, Off foot behind ankle with toe touch, quarter pistols, Full pistols OR one of the progressions (30 reps or as many as possible)

Handstand Progression: Inverted pushups with feet on bench (3 sets of 5 reps), Kick into handstand, Kick into handstand with hold, handstand pushups (30 reps or as many as possible) OR inverted pushups plus burpees split with a partner (40 reps each or as many as possible)

Death by pull-ups: Pull-ups split with a partner (80 reps or as many as possible)

7 rounds for time (or as many rounds as possible): 10 Merkins, 20 Big Boys, 30 Mountain Climbers, 20 Air Squats, 10 Burpees

COT: Count-o-Rama, Name-o-Rama. FNGs named, announcements, intentions, closed in prayer.

I loved every second of my VQ. The PAX was supportive/engaged/positive/awesome and it was an honor to facilitate something different.

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