Back Blast 12/11/19 The Foundry @ The County Leprechaun VQ

Beautiful clear but cold December morning. As the disclaimer was proclaimed the temp hovered around 19. But that didn’t stop the group from getting after it with a warm up of SSH, Grass Grabers, mountain climbers, Michael Phelps and Kendra Newman’s 
13 men were broken into two teams for a fun competition. 
After a rocky start to the work out reminiscent of Notre Dame’s Offense in the first quarter of many games with zero points or even a first down, the momentum finally got going. 
Two Teams – Push and Pull. 
Push: One team member start on pallet push, others pick one exercise from the push list. After pallet push completed, everyone on push team rotates to the next exercise on the list…continue rotation for set time.
Pull: One team member start with Farmer carry, others pick one exercise from the pull list. After Farmer carry completed, everyone on pull team rotates to the next exercise on the list …continue rotation for set time.
Push Exercises: Merkins, 25 lbs Arnold Press, Dips, Incline Merkins on Coupon, Kettle Bell Squat
Pull Exercises: TRX Lat Pull, 20 lbs 4×4 Curls, Coupon Bent Over Row, Negative Pull Up,  15 lbs T-I-Y Shoulder press. 
Each team completed both the Push and Pull rotations. With a little trick to finish up, the group engaged in an Incline Merlin Competition. 5 mins…AMRAP as a team. The winning team was somewhat controversial and there was even talk of a protest, but the group pushed forward to finish off with a little Mary. 
The Leprechaun will be back with another work out…next time with a Pot of Gold to temp the group.

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