Backblast – The Ruiner – 12/14/2019

This was my first Q at the O. It was 42 degrees. While the rain had stopped, it was wet and swampy. Mama’s Boys had agreed to Clown Car with him. He came into the meetup spot hot but would I expect anything different? I was glad he agreed to help me setup my coupon circuit. We completed setup about two minutes before the start. I started with the disclaimer and we were on our way.

PAX: Tron, Tammy Faye Baker, Handbook, Fergie, Ooze (DR from Lexington), Violet, Mama’s Boy, Diablo and Meter Maid (Q)

COP – We moseyed around the coupon circuit to discuss how it was setup and where each were located. Along the way we stopped for 25 SSH IC and 15 Toy Soldiers IC.

THANG 1 – Coupon Circuit of Pain

We split into 2 groups – one of 4 and one of 5 going opposite directions. We carried coupons the entire time and some were used during the exercises. Each of the six cones had 3 exercises. The first exercise was for 20 reps, 2nd round was 25 reps and 3rd round was 30 reps. Each round had a different exercise.

CONE 1 – Mountain Climbers (4 count), Flutter Kicks (4 count), Overhead Press

CONE 2- Big Boys, Gas Pumps (4 Count), Preacher Sit-ups

CONE 3 – Burpee over Block, Carolina Dry Docks, Monkey Humpers

CONE 4 – Merkins, T- Merkins, Superman Merkins

CONE 5 – Manmakers, Derkins, Dips

CONE 6 – Benchpress, Curls, Squats

THANGS 2 – Elevens with Merkins and Shoulder Taps (2=1) at the Tennis Courts

THANG 3 – Last Man Up Run with 20 Pound Medicine Ball – 2 more laps

MARY – We gathered back at the tennis courts for flutterkicks 25 (4 count IC), box cutters 20 (4 count IC), Hello Dollys 15 (4 count IC) and Gas Pumps 10 (4 count IC.

It was a tough workout. We went a total of 2.37 miles.

We ended with COR, NOR, Announcements, Intentions, and Prayer.

I am always humbled to lead. Until next time…

-Meter Maid

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