BackBlast: The Max 12/14

As expected, it was cool and rainy. Also as expected, the Bayside PAX really pushed through the elements to give it all they had at the workout. I haven’t Q’d in a little while and couple that with trying some new things made for a few awkward moments along the way. Push all of that aside and the men of Bayside kicked butt this morning. To the details:

Banana Bread (Q)
Charolais (R)
Grandpa Bear


Mosey to coupons and then carry to the portico at the new School. With now having two schools on Bayside campus we have plenty of cover and we put that to good use today.

SSH (IC) x20
Heel stretch
Grass grabbers (IC) x15

Drop to plank
Merkins (IC, SC) x15
Plank stretching
Merkins (IC, SC) x15

The Thang: All about the Benjamins

Set 1:
25 coupon curls
25 walking lunges out (with or without coupon)
25 air squats
25 walking lunges back

25 overhead press
25 walking lunges out
25 mountain climbers
25 walking lunges back

Quick mosey so we can feel our legs again

Rinse and repeat set 1 replacing walking lunges with duck walk

Mosey over to portico at old school for Mary work:

8 count flutter kick (left, right, left, right, right over left, left over right, right over left, left over right) x8

(note: this is where the Q started to lose it. The 8 count kind of threw everyone off for a bit)

LBCs (IC) x15
American Hammers (IC) x15

After about 5 minutes of trying to get the next set straight, we moved on.

Set 2: All about the Benjamins

25 tricep extension
25 bear crawl (count each hand)
25 Merkins
25 bear crawl

25 front raise
25 bear crawl
25 big boys
25 bear crawl

Rinse and repeat set 2

Closing prayer


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