BB 12/18 FOUNDRY @The County w/ WILDflower

It’s that time of year again when the #fartsack strikes hard because of weather…..the time when we all need to hold each other accountable to get out, get better and get stronger. That’s what 11 PAX did at the Foundry….we sharpened each other like Iron sharpens Iron!

PAX: Devito, Gilligan, Brown Water, Crockpot, Dauber, Backflop, Flip flop, Jolly Rancher, Uncle Sam (R), Holy Roller (R), WILDflower (Q)

SSH (20 IC)
Pulse squats (20 IC)
Merkins (20 IC)
Mountain climbers (20 IC)
Kendra Newman’s OYO
Michael Phelps OYO
mosey to get coupons:
THANG….partner up….partner 1 did the counted exercise while partner 2 AMRAP’d 2nd exercise….then switch.
Pull ups (20)
Thrusters w/ coupon AMRAP
Man makers (15)
Leg Throw downs (30)
Hold squat (while throwing legs down)
Decline wide merkins (DERKINS) (30)
Goblin squats w/coupon AMRAP
PAX HELD plank while everyone finished
Rinse n repeat
PAX HELD plank while everyone finish
10 pull ups
Circle of Mary call outs (5 mins worth)
COT….I thanked the PAX for the opportunity to be with them every morning. My day is just not the same, if I don’t start it with these HIMS. Encouraged everyone to be a beacon of Hope to all in need this holiday season. And to carry the light into a dark world we live in. Thanked the almighty father for designing and giving us these bodies to do what we do on a daily basis.
Happy Holidays to ALL!…and to all a good, light filled morning!

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