Kilo/Yoshi Co-Q

This is coming late but wanted to give it a go before my first official Q. Thanks to the PAX for making a great showing at the Ruiner on Thursday morning. We started with a good warm up with mountain climbers, copper head squats, imperial walkers, and grass grabbers. Started on the sides of the tennis courts and did 25 merkins, bear crawls, 25 lunges, 25 squats, bear crawl back, then LBC’s and American hammers. Rinse and Repeat. At the end @Kilo took over for a brisk jog and finished it up with a round of Mary!

Temple of Gloom at The O 1.9.20

  1. Russdiculous
  2. Handbook
  3. Violet
  4. Tin Cup
  5. Plumb Bob
  6. Fergie
  7. Flo Jo
  8. Geppetto
  9. Digiorno
  10. Frankenbaby (FNG)
  11. Porkchop
  12. Meatball
  13. Shyster
  14. Trump
  15. Buschhh
  16. Yoshi (QIC)
  17. Kilo (QIC)
  18. Zartan
  19. Zoolander
  20. Mouth

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