BackBlast @ Yoshi. Incubator 3/2/20

It was a wet morning. Started off with stretching, then took a mosey to grab cinderblocks. Did 25 overhead presses, then 25 push-ups on cinder block. Once that was over we did partner carries. Drug each other from one light pole to the other light pole, then did 25 overhead air presses and 25 push-ups.Continue reading “BackBlast @ Yoshi. Incubator 3/2/20”

2/25/20 PreBlast @ Black Ops at Long Run Park. @ Yoshi

We will be utilizing the tennis courts tomorrow morning. Kind of similar to the baseball field, but instead of a diamond formation, will have a square formation. Each corner will have its own set of workouts. So, if your looking to sweat, get winded, and get better come on out to The Black Ops @Continue reading “2/25/20 PreBlast @ Black Ops at Long Run Park. @ Yoshi”

BackBlast @ Yoshi 1/29/20

This mornings workout made the entire body feel alive. Started with the normal stretches, then mosey to the big parking lot to get cinderblocks. Did three separate sets of different exercises, varying from Merkens, to Burpee‘s, to jump squats, to Peter Parker‘s, to running a lap around the parking lot, holding a cinderblock above yourContinue reading “BackBlast @ Yoshi 1/29/20”