BackBlast @ Yoshi. Incubator 3/2/20

It was a wet morning. Started off with stretching, then took a mosey to grab cinderblocks. Did 25 overhead presses, then 25 push-ups on cinder block. Once that was over we did partner carries. Drug each other from one light pole to the other light pole, then did 25 overhead air presses and 25 push-ups. Held in plank position until everyone was finished, then did partner carries back. Then 25 overhead presses with cinderblock and then 25 push-ups. Repeated the process again. Then we bare crawled to the light pole and reverse bear crawl back to start. Did 25 overhead presses with cinderblocks and then 25 push-ups. Put cinderblocks up, and then moseyed around to the front.Everyone got into position to do dips, did 15 dips, held in position, 12 dips, held in position, 10 dips held in position. Timed out. Thanks to the guys that came out and didn’t complain about being in the rain once. Thanks for having me out and look forward to doing it again.

3/2/20 Incubator
Mr. Kotter
Deep Dish
Colonel Klink
Yoshi (Q)

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