Diablo BackBlast for Bag of Wrenches at The O 1/28/20

Q: Diablo

PAX: (16) Handbook, Russdiculous, McAfee, Shyster, Frankenbaby, Ditka, Cheese Curd (FNG), Vincent, Flo Jo, Whitney, Captain Insane-O, Tron, Yoshi, Violet, OJ, Diablo

Intro: YHC’s legs are shot from ruck training, so this morning’s workout was an intentional effort to give them a rest, but in a way for all to get better. And as McAfee rightly guessed, to save YHC a trip to the gym. Here’s what we did:

After a disclaimer and saying hi to our FNG, PAX ran to Christian Academy for COP, which consisted of:

SSHs (20 IC)

Plank Jacks (20 IC)

LBCs (20 IC)

Mountain Climbers (20 IC)

Tempo Merkins (10 IC)

SSHs (20 IC double-timed)

The Tempo Merkins were a precursor to things to come.

After that, each PAX grabbed a curb for:

10 Curb Merkins

10 Curb Hops

20 Curb Merkins

20 Curb Hops

PAX then ran back to Seneca and to the restrooms and grabbed space by the wall for:

10 Derkins

10 Dips

20 Derkins

20 Dips

PAX next circled up in the grassy area next to said restrooms for Tempo Merkins (10 IC) before moving along.

PAX next ran long way, little over 1/4 mile, to get to the tennis courts. Once there, PAX again circled up for:

Flutter Kicks (20 IC)

LBCs (20 IC)

American Hammers (20 IC)

PAX then lined up on the sideline of Court 1 for:

Mario length of 4 courts

10 T Merkins

Mario length of 4 courts

10 T Merkins

Mario length of 4 courts

10 T Merkins

Run back length of 4 courts

PAX then circled up to do some more work together:

10 Merkins right foot over left

10 Merkins left foot over right

10 Merkins (hands wide)

10 Merkins (hands narrow)

10 Tempo Merkins

Merkin waterfall (1 round)

PAX were pleasantly relieved that we cut the waterfall to that 1 round.

And, that was 170 Merkins, and because of the way we did them, I don’t think anyone got cheated to less!

To finish it up, and to pay a small homage to Kobe, PAX did:

LBCs (81 IC)

The little baby crunch muscles felt that last movement. And, in case you don’t follow basketball, Kobe scored an incredible 81 points in a 2006 win over the Raptors.

I must admit, I generally rooted against Kobe. I’m not a Lakers fan, but he was one of those guys you were scared to death of if he was on the other side. Kobe had a certain aura and was beloved my sports fans around the world. It was impossible to watch him play and not respect him or ever think he was not giving it all he had. He was in the prime of his life and by all accounts a caring, loving father to his daughters.

He wasn’t a man who was supposed to die young. No one is. It’s a humble reminder than we are all mortal, and that each day should be lived to its fullest.

After the 81 IC LBCs, PAX returned to the flag for COR, NOR (welcome Cheese Curd), announcements, and intentions.

We said a specific word of prayer for Scott, a former youth group member of Tammy Faye Baker’s ministry. Scott is now 25 years old and was in a car accident. His family reached out to TFB and asked him to come be with them in the hospital, as Scott is in critical condition. TFB dropped everything and drove to Nashville to be with them this morning. Scott is expected to survive, but mobility is still in doubt. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Also, as I mentioned during COT, let’s follow TFB’s example here. No, we cannot all be ministers, and we all have different strengths and callings, but be the type of Man a friend or family can reach out to for help, comfort, or guidance. I was humbled by this story and admire TFB for being that sort of HIM.

As always, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of THIS.


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