BBlast 2/1/20 WILDflower @the nest #THE COUNTY

Nice 37 deg morning (although 37 felt like an 85deg steam room during the workout) with some fog floating and wet pavement….I didn’t blink at an opportunity to help Valdez out when he asked if someone could take his Q for the nest. Him and the BRAGG boys have been getting after it in preparation for possibly the hardest thing they have ever done, in 2 weeks. Let’s keep thoughts and prayers going for their health and minds going into that experience! disclaimer and Welcomed an FNG

PAX (20):

Rocky, Asian Zing (R), Backflop, Pelican, Cratchet, Amelia, Double down(R), Jewell, Hush Puppy, FNG (Overflow), Cochran, Captain Crunchberry, Honeydo, Alexa, Focker, Captain Kline, Brownwater, Giselle, Holy Roller (R), WILDflower (QIC)

….off to a quick mosey for COP at front parking lot



20 Merkins Single Count on my down

20 monkey humpers IC

20 pulse Squats IC

Kendra Newman’s & Michael Phelps (oyo)

We moseyed around the building to playground where we did:

15 pull ups & 15 merkins then rinsed and repeated (twice)

Then moseyed to grab coupons and come back the main parking lot (1st island) for the main thang.


Four rounds 4 LOCO!

10 T-merkins

20 Sadies (she’s a bitch)

30 squats (W/ coupons)

40 over head press (w/ coupons)

50 side straddle hops

Run one lap around the parking lot (far island) and back

We did 4 rounds of this….Holy Roller did like 8…..

Return Coupons…race back for Mary (I started with a ‘pick your fav’ and we went around the circle and each of the PAX did the same)


We circled up and prayed for Father Jack. Also for all that are struggling with addiction. Thank you almighty father for giving us the bodies to do what we do and honor you. All those said and unsaid, we raised them up to the LORD. Said an our Father then hugged it out.

WILDflower OUT.

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