BackBlast – 2/20/2020 TheAgony Abacus Q

12 PAX turned out mostly because they were not on the St. Al’s super secrete text string and did not know it’s better to fart sack or go somewhere else when I Q…unless you want to work hard and get better, then by all means get ITG!

Mamas Boy, Wild Flower, Flip Flop, Dauber, Hush Puppy, Grizzly, PewPew, Holy Roller (R), Focker!, Colonel Clink, Red Wagon, Abacus Q

Disclaimer given 10 seconds before start and then straight into 20 BOYOs followed by a fast 1/2 mile mosey. Nuclears counting from 10 down were a welcome relief for the sky high heart rate of the PAX! Right into COP!


11’s – Pull-ups followed by run to end of parking lot for Merkins


Mary – Various movements to recover before THANG 3


7’s – Squats sprint to end of lot and do Burn Tranchelas (lunge on each side with a squat at the end).

Stretching and then COT!

Thanks for coming out!


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