BB: 2/20/20 The Inferno at the Station

5 Pax blazing in the Inferno: Capt. Crunch Berries, Gilligan, Brown Water, Meter Maid, Gisele (Q)
Weather: 32 degrees clear with a slightly chilling breeze
Disclaimer was given: that I am not a professional, anything I say and do is merely a suggestion, we have some nursing injuries so please modify as needed.
Quick Mosey for some COP
Grass Grabbers
Michael Phelps
Toy Soldiers
Runners stretch and downward dog
Some other stretches on the lower back and legs and we were off

The Thang: Pax pick a card from the mystery bag. On it are two exercises. We will do these for 8 Reps alternating with 20 seconds on 10 seconds off. In between we would run a lap. Order Drawn:
Carolina Dry Docks/Mountain Climbers
Bobby Hurley/Merkins
LBC/Flutter Kicks
Plank Jacks/Burpees
1 Minute Left- Line up for an all-out sprint up the Truck Ramp
COT: CoR, NoR, Announcements were made and intentions were given.

I set up on the calendar a while back to Q for this day as it’s an extremely important moment for me as one year ago my wife and I were on a journey to Utah to go see our son be born. I set up this work out around it being a mystery for the fact that one year ago we didn’t know what was going to happen. What is his birth parents were going to be like? We had already had two failed adoptions and so there was a lot of emotion going in. Today I am the proud dad of three beautiful children including my one year-old son Quintin. While he might not be directly from my blood line, there’s no doubt I would give mine for him. The feeling that I get from walking through the door after a long day’s work with him stumbling over to me and slowly starting to say “dada” is more than I ever could’ve wish for. If you were ever considering adoption I would be more than happy to sit down and chat with you. While the road is quite like a journey and at times can seem long, the end is beautiful and nothing more than I could’ve ever wished for.
Until next time Gisele out….

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