Planetarium BB – 2/25 – LePew Q

I wanted this morning’s workout it be hard at the Boondocks, and five incredible men showed up in the gloom and fought hard.

PAX: Bulletin, Dauber, Backflop, Fear Factor, and LePew (Q)

It was cold and wet so to keep the PAX warm we started right into it with 20 BOYOs. No one made a peep and powered right through.

Then, we moseyed over to the coupons (about a 1/4 mile) and did Nuclears. Starting at a 10 count and working out way all the way down. It’s a good thing Dauber was there with us, because I almost moved on to the second set of Nuclears without finishing the fourth circuit.

After Nuclears, 5 more BOYOs.

We then grabbed coupons and partnered up for DORA: three coupons per team. The exercises were:

  • 100 overhead thrusters
  • 150 V-Up Skull Crushers
  • 200 Rows
  • While one partner did AMRAP, the other partner was farmer-carrying two coupons about 80 yards

After DORA we each held a coupon parallel to our shoulders for a minute. At that point we were fried, but not finished.

We all then moseyed back for Mary:

  • 50 flutter kicks
  • 25 Freddy Mercuries
  • 1 minute plank (homage to the Marine who just broke the record)
  • 50 more flutter kicks
  • 30 second plank to close it out

COT – we all took the picture in our bright clothes to let Faye’s family know we are thinking about them. When you see a first responder, police officer, fire fighter, or service man/woman, say “thank you,” maybe even buy them a coffee. I can’t imagine the pain that family must feel.

We are lights in a dark world, and can’t forget how blessed we are to be able to get out and push ourselves like we do. God Bless F3!

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