Post Blast – Viking Balls @ the County 3/5

Image result for viking balls

14 came out to play with my balls this morning and they were not disappointed!  Is there anything better than some early morning ball play???

Each HIM got to hold, roll, carry, caress, fondle, and even slam my big balls throughout the morning session.

We had team challenges for who could handle my balls the best, in the end team 1 won, though it was close and every HIM should be proud of how well they handled my balls.

Many enjoyed the “balls to your face” exercise, that was fun!

It was a good workout for sure, sweat was dripping down my balls.

Note for future HIMs who get the opportunity to play with my balls.  As Grizzly highlighted this morning, sometimes playing with balls causes you to scuff your knees, therefor knee pads are optional for future Q’s.

Fellow ball handlers included:

Pew Pew

Double Down – R

Jerry MacGuire – R

Le Pew



Brown Water


Holy Roller – R



Asian Zing – R


Viking (Q)

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