Back-Blast – The Cloverfield @ The Garden – 3.05.20

A couple of days behind but nevertheless here is the Back Blast. My goal was to keep the workout simple but run heavy. Here is who was in attendance:





Pork Chop

Wide Right



Bob Ross

Nice and Slow



We ran 1.5 laps for a warm-up plus:

25 x SSH

15 Spartan Merkins

15 x Grass Grabbers

We then lined up for Indian Run(stealing a page from Le Pew’s book we would continue the Indian Run until someone needed to stop and we would stop for PT). We completed 3 more laps around the campus and then came to the base of the Hill of Stolen Soles. At that point, we formed two lines and Indian Run hill repeats up and down the hill 3 times.

We then made our way back to the flag and circled up for Mary:

1 minute max Butterfly Big Boys

25 x Flutter Kicks IC

15 x J Lo’s IC

Hold Plank for 1 minute and finish with 15 spartan merkins

It was good to be back out and lead the workout at The Garden. Looking forward to the next one!


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