Back Blast 03/12/2020 – Countdowns at Cloverfield @ The Garden  

Man…I needed that!  It has been a crazy week to say the least, and the onslaught of Coronavirus news over the last 24 hours has been dizzying.  As the PAX gathered at The Garden this morning, the mumblechatter was strong and I went off script as the clock struck 0530.  Before the disclaimer, the PAX indulged me for 60 seconds to recount the great news from Monday on Rocky (the power of prayer is REAL) and then how things have been crazy with Coronavirus craziness ever since…having the opportunity to gather with 16 other F3 brothers for a beatdown this morning was an absolute blessing.
PAX (17 total):  Domino, Nino, Fructose, Alexa, Leprechaun, Pelican, Husky, Bob Ross, Minnow, Jewel, Abacus, Potter, Gypsy, Wide Right, Milton, Stick Up, Dauber (Q)
After disclaimer was given and confirmed we took a short mosey to COP (while in route to COP a promise of running was given and confirmed via a spattering of moans and groans).  COP consisted of SSH x40 (double time for the last 20 while Fructose gave an official SSH approval to YHC with his signature death stare), Kendra Newmans, Michael Phelps, Grass Grabbers x10, Downward Dog, Mountain Climbers x15,  Plank Jacks x15.
The good mumblechatter continued during COP and as we moseyed around to bottom of the back hill for the start of the Main Thang – Countdowns.  Each set of Countdowns consisted of exercise reps starting at 20 reps, then 15 reps, 10 reps, 5 reps (50 total reps in a “countdown”). The first Countdown consisted of burpees at the bottom of the back hill and BBSUs at the dumpsters, with a run up and down the hill between each set of reps.  The PAX absolutely killed this first set of Countdowns, with Milton, Abacus, Fructose and Nino leading the group…those dudes love hill running!  After wrapping up the first set of countdowns and a quick 10 count, the mumblechatter was gone except for Abacus confirming that 50 burpees to get things started was a great idea (maybe not his exact words, but I took it as a positive).  We moved over just a few yards to the light post to start the second set of Countdowns – Jump Lunges (only counting one leg) at the light post and Reverse Crunches at the top of the hill.  This was a shorter hill so it was Bernie Sanders up and mosey back down.  Domino runs uphill backward like he is shot out of a cannon.  Also impressive was Potter who was at the front of the group after already running 3.5 miles before the workout (bada$$)!  Again the full PAX was on fire and everyone wrapped up pretty close to the same time, so we caught our breath with two 10 second counts and moseyed over to the breeze way for the third set of Countdowns – T-Merkins as one end of the breeze way and 4ct Flutter Kicks at the other end.  After so much hill running, the PAX got a break with a very short travel distance between exercises this time.  However, Pelican was in attendance and I felt obligated to include Broad Jumps at some point in the workout, so one the way up it was broad jumps with a mosey back.  As a benevolent Q I offered the PAX some modification advice on broad jumps which everyone adopted (modification was broad jumps).  Nino even decided to modify the return mosey to broad jumps (that was short lived though).  The broad jump pace was solid so we had time to squeeze in a fourth set of Countdowns after a mosey down to the back parking lot.  Final Countdowns were Jump Squats and 4ct Gas Pumps…travel up hill via Bear Crawls.  Alexa peeled off during the final 5 Gas Pumps to get some sprints in (beast!) so we finished with a plank until he returned…That was time.
We circled around the imaginary Garden flag for Count-arama, Name-arama, Announcements (Slasher Ruck Friday and two big Saturday morning workouts: The Garden anniversary and Jolly Rancher Q at the Nest for Samual #celebrationday).  Intentions were shared and we ended with some of YHC’s repeat thoughts on how we started the morning, thankfulness for F3 and the brothers in the circle, an Our Father and finally a Hail Mary.

It’s more than a workout.


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