Backblast Temple of Gloom. Vincent 3/12/20

I try to get as much into my Q’s as the time and conditions will allow. I hope the 7 PAX that joined me this morning feel like the goal was accomplished. Trump, Cookie, Tammy Faye Baker, Violet, Flo Jo, Tincup and Frankenbaby were my subjects in the gloom this morning. Right at 5:30 I gave the disclaimer and we lined up for a Native American run. PAX at the back would do 2 merkins then sprint to the front of the line. We stopped at the end of circle hill for a COP of SSH’s, Imperial Squat walkers and runners stretching. From there we continued the Native American run back to the coupons. Coupons were carried to the tennis courts for a little thabata work out. We alternated between coupons and cardio. Overheard press, burpees, curls, squat jacks, rows, mountain climbers, presses and Bonnie Blair’s finished the set. Next was a suicide of bear crawl, Bernie, karaoke and “all ya got”. Each time we added a court so the last run was across all 4 courts and back. We repeated the suicide, repeated the thabata did one more suicide and wrapped it up with some Mary. Coupons were stores for COT which was non COVID 19 close. Until next time (which is Saturday) SYITG. Vincent.

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