BB-Pelican Q The Loco at the County3.17.20

I was jazzed for my first Loco Q when I signed up a month or so ago. I had decided to make the theme ‘Things Pelicans (and Pelican) Hate”. It was going to be bunch of exercises I didn’t like and exercises that weren’t Pelican friendly (think bears and bear crawl). But then COVID (now the #1 thing that Pelican hates) came along and f’d my weinke completely up. Given our new guidelines I came up with a workout that was easy to break up and keep people apart. We also coordinated a workout that Captain Crunchberry ran at the Station and 6 PAX went there for a similar workout. I was waiting for him to write his backblast so I could copy most of it but he’s probably doing the same thing.

Anyways 13 PAX showed up-Abacus, Honey Do, Hush Puppy, Crockpot, Dauber, Meter Maid, Double Down (R), Little Jerry (R), Jerry Maguire (R), Mayhem, Storm Trooper, Stick Up, Pelican (Q).

We headed to the big lot and spread way out for COP-

We started with 11 BOYOs in honor of my first post where Alexa did his slaughter start. Those suck-we did 11 because 11 PAX chose not to wear green today (including me).

Then we did 20 SSH IC-I don’t like those either

Michael Phelps/Kendra Newmans

Then we did nuclears starting at 5-I love Le Pew but hate that he brought those back from a DR post in Nashville.

Then we did downward dog and stuff.

I also love Big Bird (you know birds of a feather and stuff) but hate when he makes us plank to a song and then do merkins when they say a specific word. I chose a very popular song by Calvin Broadus aka Snoop Dogg. There’s an on going discussion at the County about his place in music history. Mainly we all think he’s amazing except for Crock Pot and Dauber who still like him a lot but not as much as the rest of us. Anyway the song was Whats My Name and the word was Dogg. Listen to the song if you get a chance today but if your kids are home be sure to put your headphones in. If you are familiar with his work he uses a lot of language that some may consider inappropriate, I personally think it’s cool and wish I could talk at work like that.

After that we broke into 2 groups of 4 and one group of 5 and spread way out for Tabata Tuesday. I connected with Crockpot, Meter Maid and Dauber last night to get their help leading a group today. Abacus sprinted across the parking lot to join Dauber’s group—I don’t think he likes my play list.

Tabata is easy to do at home, download a timer and some Snoop and you are set. If we are stuck inside I highly recommend it. Anyways we did 20 seconds on and 10 off, 8 rds each of the following week exercises with one minute rest when we changed exercises. Squats, T Merkins, V-ups(those sucked), Heismans (Cayut fans I can show you sometime), jump lunges (those really sucked), mountain climbers and then burpees (luckily Snoop telling us his name for 4 minutes kept us from doing this round).

Somehow Dauber’s group finished last in a timed exercise so we waited for them for Mary. We circled up and did 50 flutter kicks in cadence. Then we called time.

Said announcements—keep an eye on slack for new BlackOps options to spread the PAX, changes to workout protocols, etc. We have a couple VQs coming up but decided to postpone those as planning a VQ is already nerve wracking but doing one with restrictions and uncertainty is even harder. Did intentions-Mamas Ms surgery, Baby Backflop and I may be missing a couple. Lastly to look for ways to be a leader and help others in these uncertain times. Ask for help if you need it and be smart and safe.

Dauber said it best-was great to be out this morning and forget the worlds problems for a bit. Let’s continue to lift each other up and do our part. As always it’s a pleasure to lead.


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