Huggies Q BoW @ the O 3/17/2020

Weather – 45 degrees and wet

Pax (7) – Huggies (Q), Diablo, Violet, Flo Jo, Shyster, Tammy Faye Baker, Loco

Short Disclaimer and we moseyed over to the big tennis court.


25 SSH IC, 20 Imperial Walkers IC, 20 Toy Soldiers IC, 15 Abe Vigodas IC, Calf and hip stretches

The Thang

4 Stations at each tennis court.  The PAX were caged in like animals!

Station 1 (The Push Station) – Burpee Suicides to the far sideline of each tennis court.  Increasing number. 5, 10, 15, 20. Total of 50 burpees.

Station 2 – Partner 1 runs the perimeter of the large tennis court.  Partner 2 does heels 6 inches while partner 1 runs.  Round 2 Partner 2 does elbow blank.  Rinse and repeat.

Station 3 – 4 corners.  At each corner of the small tennis court do an exercise for 30 reps.  Squats, Plank Jacks, HR Merkins, Gas Pumps.  Bear crawl between each corner.

Station 4 – Laps around the smaller tennis court perimeter.  Mosey, Bernie Sanders, Mario, Karaoke.  Rinse and Repeat

We made it through the four stations then we all did Station 1 again together. 50 more burpees!

We even had time left for some Mary – 25 Flutter Kicks IC, 25 LBC’s IC


Announcements, Intentions

We ended with some words on St. Patrick and an Our Father.

Stay safe out there and happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!




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