Not Heavy 3/18/20 at the Mutt Pre-blast

Since we have been directed by leadership to refrain from using coupons the Heavy Blender as we know it is going to have to take a bit of a sabbatical. Never fear my friends that still want to get swole, we will still have a Heavy.  How heavy depends on how heavy you are.  We’re still going to lift, albeit our own body.

I’m going to revisit (with modifications to eliminate the coupons) a weinkie I used just a couple of weeks at the O.  Merkins, squats, big boys, lunges, etc. There will be a small amount of short distance running.  We will spread out across the parking lot to practice our social distancing.  No spitting!!

Hope to see you out there but completely understand if you’re apprehensive.  SYITG.

Plumb Bob

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