Pre-Blast – Foundry [without the Iron] – 03/18/2020

When the Leadership Council advised no coupons, Dauber [Foundry Site Q] and I started chatting to figure out how a heavy workout is even possible.  Sure, we could use ruck sacks – but not everyone has them.  Sure, we can ask everyone to bring a weight – but not everyone has them.  The benefit of F3 is that people don’t “need” anything to participate in the work out.  So, with the support and gentle nod from Dauber, we’re modifying the Foundry away from a heavy and more towards a running workout tomorrow.

So, bring your favorite running shoes and let’s bust a move.  We’ll do some runs up and down Mt. Mercy drive – so fairly well lit street and very rarely traveled at 0530 in the morning.  Safety shouldn’t be an issue.  We’ll mix in PT along the way using body weight – all the while respecting the new precautions put into place.  The benefit of this is with everyone’s varied abilities, we’ll get spaced out pretty quickly.  If more show up than expected, we’ll work in opposite directions on Mt. Mercy with Dauber leading one way and me the other.

It’ll be a good time and we’ll all be better for it.


Jolly Rancher!

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