4.24 Heavy VWO BB

Time: 0530-0615
Conditions: Normal, basement for Q and FNG
Participants: Duckling (Q), Jitterbug, Focker, Colonel Klink, Holly Roller, Plumb Bob, and 1 FNG (Whip Stocking)
Total time: 45 minutes

Duckling built a total body workout based upon Mark Lauren Bodyweight Training’s philosophy. Invited close friend from high school and college to join workout. Posted announcement on v-c19 blackops channel and mumblechatter day before event. Texted other PAX and invited.

Thang 1
– Side straddle hops
– Arm circles
– Michael Phelps
– Grass grabbers
– Dirty dogs with kickout
– Lunges

Thang 2
* 3 rounds with each exercise lasting 30 – 45 seconds
– Hindu Mercans
– Lunges with weight overhead (used 30# ruck plate)
– Chin ups/bent over rows with plate

Thang 3
* 3 rounds with each exercise lasting 30 – 45 seconds
– Mercans with one foot off ground (two reps and alternate foot)
– Dynamic jumping squats
– Overhead press with coupon

Thang 4
* 2 rounds, 45 – 60 seconds each
– Flutter kicks with coupon overhead (45 seconds)
– Double hip drop

– Intentions: family friend passed away from COVID-19. Announcement for Dare to Care Saturday volunteering. Prayed out.

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