Back Blast – 4.24.20 – The Mist w/ Jewel

Welp, I did it… I finally fart sacked a Q on F3’s birthday no less. I was so excited, and then I totally screwed it up. I owe all the HIM that woke up that morning an apology. So, when Russdiculous (my all-time favorite F3 name) asked me to cover Friday morning, I jumped at the chance to kinda-sorta-make up for it. Hey, I already had a WO planned. NO excuses…now, just had to make sure that damn snooze button wasn’t hit. 0510 hit and I was ready. Now, were any PAX going to chance another fart sack…

Stick Up and McAfee both showed faith – I appreciate it guys!

I had planned a whole history lesson/ get to know the past and present leaders…so that’s what we did. But, what’s a Jewel WO without my good friend the Kraken burpee?

Phase 1; because I guess we are all about “phases” now
10 Kraken Burpees
10 Minute AMRAP-
1. Monkey Humpers x 30
2. Curls x 20
3. Coupon Squats x 20
4. Coupon Chest Crushers x 10 press > 10 sec hold

The Monkey Humpers were brought to you by Red Roof, “Everyone hates them, and they are embarrassing to do so it makes me want to do them that much more”

The Chest Crushers I got from CI… those things are great.

Phase 2 – but first, 10…more…Kraken Burpees
1. T-Merkins x 20
2. Overhead Tricep x 15
3. Bonnie Blairs x 10 each leg (20 total)
4. Flutter Kicks x 25 IC

Diablo provided the T-Merkins in this phase.

Phase 3 – at this point, we were getting short on time, so I told Stick Up, that we would cut out the KBs…he said he could go longer and we should do them. HELL YES!!
10 more Kraken Burpees
1. Merkins x 25
2. Lunges x 20 each leg (40 total)
3. BBSU x 25
4. Windshield Wipers

CI provided the merkins for this round. Those are as good and old fashioned as they get, but properly placed they will beat you down. When I asked Nino about his favorites, he provided a list…I picked the one I hate/ struggle with the most, Windshield Wipers.

Time was up. Thank goodness. Name-O-Rama was quick as McAfee headed out early to the Ruck Zoom. (I love that we have adapted so well and have so many options). I appreciated the opportunity to be able to talk one on one with Stick Up. Not often we get to do that, especially these days. I am ready for some real 2nd F opportunities.

My goal with this was to give some thanks to the men who started this thing we all do…we don’t get up for easy, and I imagine getting F3 Louisville to where it is, wasn’t easy at all, so I appreciate the work guys like Red Roof, Zartan, CI, and Star Child put in to get this off the ground.

We are all witnessing the hard work the current leadership is putting in to growing and flourishing F3 Louisville, especially during the Rona. Thank you all for all that you do.

SYITG – Jewel

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