BB- Big Mo @ Vets

I always really enjoy hitting up new AO’s…it’s so easy to stick with what’s close and easy, but I always seem to enjoy when I post new places. When Worm asked me to Q the first Vets relaunch, I knew I couldn’t pass it up, and that I’d need to bring the suck.

PAX- 8 total: Kilo, Meatball, Yoshi, Snowman, Worm, Mr. Kotter, ETO, Jewel QIC

Disclaimer- I am not a professional. Not even close. We are all here of our own choosing. Please understand the man next to you may have different ideas about the pandemic. Please respect his and any other differing view by giving space.


SSH x 25/ Toy Soldiers x 15/ Grass Grabbers x 10/ Michael Phelps/ Kendra Newman’s/ LBC x 50. And of course, to start it off right, 10 Kraken Burpees.

My idea, right or wrong of Vets is lots of coupon work. Not sure where I got that. Maybe it’s Worm, maybe it’s because I always see the HEAVY posts out of Vets PAX. I hadn’t been able to do much coupon work the last few weeks. Thought we could start the month of with some clanging and banging.

6 stations set up around the Memorial, which is amazing by the way if you stay long enough to see the sun come up. I highly suggest it.

Station 1: 5/10/20: Curls, Tricep Ext, Overhead Press. We did 5 reps of each, then 10, then 20. Already complaining from some of the PAX, but I won’t mention any names, Kilo.

Station 2: This is where the PAX earned their keep for the day. Jack Webb. 1:4 ratio all the way they 10:40…T- Merkins and Wheezy Jefferson’s (in honor of J-Town)- for those that don’t know WJ, think leg lifts with a coupon cheat press.

Station 3: Back squats x30 reps w/ weight

Station 4: 10 Kraken Burpees

Station 5: Weighted Front Squats x 30

Station 6: CI chest workout press coupon from chest 10x parallel to ground. After 10th rep- hold for 10 seconds.

We repeated Station 1 again, not enough time for any others. Circled up for some Mary (pronounced: sm-ury) – flutter kicks/ gas pumps/ pickle pounders, and held plank until time expired.

As always- I hope it was the hardest thing any of the HIM in attendance had to do all day. It was a pleasure to lead. Mr Kotter- loves your words of encouragement. Phone a friend. Check in on them. Don’t be condescending, just be real. Invested.

SYITG- Jewel

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