6/10/20 Back Blast: The Abyss

Just another morning in the Ohio Valley. Muggy, humid, 79 degrees at 530am. There were talks of how good the rain would feel if we could get some. Again, a beautiful morning to get some work done.

Pax: Minnow, Uncle Sam, Nice and Slow, Frosted Tips, Nino, Squid, Mr. Hat, Stick Up (Q).

After the disclaimer we took a mosey to the small parking lot behind the playground. Circled up for COP.

COP: 20 SSH (IC), 10 Grass Grabbers (IC), 15 Toy Soldier (IC), Downward Dog, R/L calf stretch, R/L Runner Stretch, 20 Copperhead Squats (IC). At the end of COP we wandered the short distance to the end of the parking lot.

At the top of the hill that leads to one of the pond’s sun fish honey holes, we asked Uncle Sam to choose a number between 10 and 17. 12. We are now going to do 12’s. T-Merkins at the top, Bobby Hurleys at the bottom of the hill. If one of the HIMs finished early they switched between steps ups and dips on a nearby picnic table. Once all PAX finished the 12’s, we moseyed back over to the basketball courts.

We lined up down the sideline of the courts. Round 1 bear crawl the width of the court, 50 High Knees each leg, Bernie Sanders back to original line, 30 merkins. 2x. 2nd Round: Bunny Hop across, 50 burr kicks each leg, Bernie back, 30 lunges. 2x.

Partnered up. P1 wall sit while partner 2 ran down the road a bit, 10 BOYOs, return to wall and switch with partner. 2 rounds of burpees for each partner and circled up for some Mary.

20 BBSUs, 20 Flutter Kicks (IC), 20 Jack in the boxes (IC)**just now gave that exercise a name**,round of elevators.

Time was called and we circled around the flags. CountOrama, NameOrama, announcements, Intentions, words of thanks!

I want to thanks the HIMs who joined me this morning to get better together. Although we were suckers for the old bait and switch with this “morning view” we all hear about, it was a blast to lead these men at The Abyss! Thank You.

-Stick Up

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