BB- The Station 6-11-20 Meter Maid Q

Captain Crunchberries reached out to me about Qing the Firehouse earlier in the month. It would be my first Q at the Firehouse. I modified an earlier Q that Pelican had run there.

The weather was perfect compared to yesterday. I showed up early to get my board setup. We had a solid 6 for the workout.

PAX: Captain Crunchberries, Hush Puppies, Overflow, Dauber and Meter Maid (Q)

I gave the disclaimer and started COP: SSH IC, Grass grabbers IC, Michael Phelps, Runner Stretches

The Thang would be simple. Each exercise would be 20 reps and several could use coupons to make even more challenging.

Big Boy Sit-ups, Flutter Kicks (4 count), Squats – then run a lap (1/3 mile)

Curls, V-UPS, and Preacher Sit-ups – then run a lap (1/3 mile)

Monkey Humpers, Calf Raises and Pickle Pounders (single count) – then run a lap (1/3 mile)

We rinsed and repeated. As it got closer to gone, I shorted the run to the stop sign.

We finished with a few minutes left for Mary. We did Gas Pumps IC, Heel Touches OYO, Box Cutters IC and Freddie Mercuries IC.

NOR, COR, Announcements – Pelican Q at PV tomorrow and the Post Anniversary Q for Captain Crunchberries / Dauber at the Nest on Saturday. Finished with intentions and an Our Father. Always humbled to lead.

-Meter Maid

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