Harbaugh’s 1-year Postiversary @ Cloverfield:6.11.2020 BB

One year ago today I showed up at The Garden. I was head locked by Frosted Tips , who had an amazing sales pitch.

Show up at 5:30 am and work out with a bunch of guys. But the price was right. Oh, and after your first visit, they’ll give you a nickname. Thanks Uncle Rico for choosing Harbaugh!

On the day, I was 319# and sorely out of shape. Today I am 291# and still out of shape. But I’m better than I was yesterday and much better than last year.

The one thing that has impressed me most about F3 is the lack of judgement and abundance of encouragement.

Now… the WOD.

Beautiful morning at Cloverfield. Temp was in the low 60s. No humidity.

PAX: Domino, Double Down (R), Little Jerry (R), Husky (R), Frosted Tips, Wide Right, Harbaugh (Q)

After intro and disclaimer, we did a coupon mosey about 90 yards and circled up for a full-body TABATA. 45 seconds on, 10 seconds off. 3 rounds each, 15 seconds between sets.

Curls, Pull-Through Merkins, Single Arm Rows (switch arms halfway through), LBCs, Overhead Press, Side Straddle Hops, Calf Raises, Weighted Lunges, Plank Jacks, Weighted Squates, Skull Crushers, American Hammers, Mountain Climbers, Flutter Kicks with Bench Press, Dips.

Moseyed back to the starting point for COT, announcements (BO @ The Garden Friday morning), intentions, and Our Father.

Ready to make the next trip around the sun.

Go Bucks! -Harbaugh

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