BackBlast 6/16 from The Boondocks – LePew Q


  • Dauber
  • Cochran
  • Brown Water
  • Bulletin (R)
  • Holy Roller (R)
  • Wildflower (two weeks!)
  • Backflop
  • Faulker
  • Pants (FNG)

This morning was an incredibly beautiful morning out at the Boondocks. With 9 of us out, including Tony Malito’s HL but no Tony Molito were all ready to get after it.


  • 25 Side Straddle Hops in cadence
  • Michael Phelps
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Arm Circles

The music started with Beck’s “Wow” so that we all got a bit of “Giddy Up” in our system. Then it was all Sinatra the rest of the way.

The Thang

  • Quarter mile run with coupons
  • Tabada – 20 on then 10 off
    • Man Makers
    • Skull Crusher V Ups
    • Curls
      • Cochran, as an homage to our boy Fructose, brought out the Curling bar and impressed us all with the best REVERSE CURLS any of us have seen
    • Big Boys
    • Man Makers
  • Quarter mile run with coupons


  • We are getting closer to our goal of hitting 100 flutter kicks without break. I asked the group to push til failure and we got to 70!! Our FNG (now Pants) is a stud
    • My first post I don’t think I could do one sit-up
  • Dauber crushed us with backward big boys
  • BW crushes us with box cutters
  • Wildflower crushes us with pickle pounders
  • Sinatra closed us out with “My Way”


  • Our FNG Pants will fit in perfectly with the group. He’s an incredibly humble HiM who crushed the workout.
  • Why “Pants”? An early memory was being “pantsed” at the community pool
  • Pants didn’t know the F3 name of his headlock (Tony Molito) and Cochran had this hilarious analysis:
    • “Well it just dawned on me that when we were naming Pants, he had no reason to know who we were asking him about. If I was in his shoes I would have gone home and told my wife that everyone there kept asking me if I’m friends with Tony Malito, and wondering if all of us were just trying to sell him cars. If he comes back after that he’s definitely a keeper. Or he needs a car.” – Cochran

I love you guys and am always so humbled to lead the workouts. Shout out to Bulletin – so glad to see you healing up brother. You never make excuses to get out and get better, and that inspires us all.

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