Back-Blast – The Cloverfield @ The Garden – 6.18.20

Workouts at The Garden have been Beastmode as of late. As a matter of fact, The Garden might be the new Beastmode. Either way, I wanted to do my part and chip in. The weather was perfect and with Nino’s mix the conditions were perfect to get after it. Here is what we did:


25 SSH

20 MC’s

20 Merkins

20 Plank Jack’s

15 Grass Grabbers

Downward Dog/Cobra/ Rt over LT/ LT over RT

30 Minute AMRAP – 10 Burpee – Jumping Over Coupon, 15 HR Merkins, 20 Thrusters w/ Coupon, 25 Big Bois, 200m Run

After Nice and Slow’s beatdown a few weeks back I’m thinking “The Finisher” might become a staple at The Garden. That said, I wanted to put my version out there so we finished with a set of sprints:

6 x 100m with 20 seconds between each sprint

6 x 50m with Bernie Sanders back and 20 sec rest

2 x 100m sprint with 15 seconds rest

I’ve been impressed with The Garden crew this week. Tuesday several pax put in EC runs before AND after the workout(Huggies, N&S, Nino, Jewel and others I’m forgetting). Today, Minnow and Domino got after the sprints. BTW Jewel has lost almost 25 lbs. This, my friends, is what this group is all about. Getting better.

Get out and get some. Push yourself. Push somebody else.

Thanks guys for getting me fired up this morning. Until next time.


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