Back-Blast Thursday 06/18/2020 – Four Corners in The Inferno @ The Station

This morning at The Station was unexpectedly awesome. Flat…Out…Awesome. The weather was perfect (around 60 degrees and no humidity). I had a solid workout planned and even printed out a few signs to keep the PAX organized.  I was planning on taunting Pelican quite a bit throughout the workout, expecting a smallish group based on the Slack HC count. However, there was construction going on in Pewee Valley blocking the railroad crossing over to The County so I had a feeling there might be a few County-bound PAX diverted to The Station.  Well…that was true and then some!  I’ll write a bit about the workout below, but this morning…watching the PAX arrive…was just a perfect microcosm of what makes F3 so impactful to me.  I’m sure this sequence is all wrong, but this is how I remember it…

A few of the Station regulars had arrived early (Crunchberry, Jolly, Pelican, and the dynamic duo of Hush Puppy and Overflow).  I don’t want to understate the impact these men have on me by noting them as “regulars”.  Getting through the past couple of months with the quarantine and into the more recent re-starting of regular F3 workouts has been all about trying to stay on a positive path and being innovative to push each other to keep a “regular” routine.  Okay, back to the arrivals…Stick Up was there pretty early as well and I should have known at that point that this was going to be a bigger than usual Station crowd. This was about the time that I noticed Captain Crunchberry trying to headlock a random vagabond who I assumed was just stumbling down LaGrange road, but as I approached, the clouds parted and the moonlight shined down on the gloriously goateed Mama’s Boy who was making his illustrious return to the gloom (seriously, that goatee is legit!).  If that wasn’t enough to get me pumped up, it was a few minutes later that Alexa and Gilligan rolled in talking about the deck that I think they have been building with Mama’s Boy over the past 3 months.  It felt like my early days in the gloom.  Damn, I missed seeing you guys!

Next was Harbaugh who has been posting like a modern day Nino since the quarantine was lifted and he rolled up ready to go once again.  Harbaugh has been crushing it and quietly motivating me to push myself.  I checked my watch and we had 3 minutes before the workout started and the wave of cars were pulling in as the railroad construction diverted the PAX’s original plans…Double Down and Little Jerry (carpooling as usual)…Coleman…WILDflower…Colonel Klink….Holy Roller.

BOOM!  A record 17 PAX at The Station:  Captain Crunchberry, Holy Roller (R), Harbaugh, Colonel Klink, Stickup, Coleman, Double Down (R), Jolly Rancher, Pelican, WILDflower, Mama’s Boy, Hushpuppy, Overflow, Little Jerry (R), Alexa, Gilligan, Dauber (Q)

With all now accounted for, disclaimer was given (special reminder on social distancing) and confirmed and we set out on a mosey around the Friendship Manor entrance over to the Firehouse driveway for COP.As promised in the pre-blast, we would be doing a few exercises that Pelican has explicitly stated that he hates.  No particular reason except that Pelican assigned me this Q a couple of weeks ago so I thought it would be fun.  Top of the list is Nuclears, which I am not sure Pelican actually hates but I know he can’t count them.  COP went down like this…

Nuclears starting at 10 (Col. Klink called for Announcements at the end); Downward Dog; Scorpion; Plank Jacks x15

With blood pumping now, we took a short mosey over to the office building out front for the Main Thang -> FOUR CORNERS.  I explained the exercises to be done at each corner and self-congratulated myself on printing signs…got into a quick argument with Crunchberry about Merkins (no, not 4-count Merkins)…and we got to work.

  • PAX Counted off into 4 groups to split up & a group started at each corner
  • Each corner of the building had an exercise & groups rotated through exercise at each corner:  
    • 4-Count Mountain Climbers
    • 4-Count Flutter Kicks
    • Merkins (single count Captain)
    • 4-Count LBCs
  • Travel between corners:
    • Lunge Walk parallel to LaGrange Road
    • Bear Crawl perpendicular to LaGrange Road  (Pelican denied hating Bear Crawls)
  • Progressive Ladder of Reps:
    • First round 10, then 20, 30,  40, 50

Called time midway through the last round.  The PAX absolutely killed it and would have completed the last round but I took too much time in the COP.  We headed to the flag for COT…Count-arama, Name-arama, Announcements (Stick Up Q Monday at South Posh; Sign up for GrowRuck…even Dauber has signed up…get on it!!), Intentions (special prayers for WILDflower and his M as they are expecting another 2.0 any day / minute), final thoughts from Dauber and we ended with a prayer.  Great work boys.

– Dauber

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