Backblast – The Foundry @ The County 6/17/20

Dauber had a late cancellation and needed a Q for the Foundry. I was happy to oblige.

Holy Roller (R)
Launch Pad (R)
Bulletin (R)
Hush Puppy
Backflop (Q)

Weather was comfortable 62 degrees and clear skies

We mosied to the front of the school and warmed up:

20x SSH, 10x GG, 10x Toy Soldiers, downward dog stretches, and quad stretches. On our way down from the COP mosey, we stopped and busted out 20x dips on the guardrail. Then continued on to get underway with the main event.

The THANG – we did a distanced partner workout. We split the PAX up into 2 groups. One group went to one side of the parking lot and the other group went to the other side. I set lights ~10 feet apart in the middle of the parking light creating a “lane or barrier”. Each HIM was paired up with another HIM. I would call out the exercise, once completed, the PAX were instructed to run to the middle of the parking lot to their side of the light barrier. If they beat their partner to the middle, they had to do burpees until their partner made it to the middle. Probably sounds confusing as heck, but it worked out. Ha!

Exercises as follows (not in order because I can’t remember) –

30x Halos

30x Mountain Climbers

30x plank jacks

30x bicep curls

30x thrusters

30x coupon swings

30x Merkins

30x Squats

30x lunges

30x Gas Pumps

30x American Hammers

30x skull crushers

30x Big Boy Sit-ups

30x LBCs

30x or so burpees

Mary – 20x heartbreakers, 20x reverse crunches, and that’s all I can remember.


Announcement – Growruck – sign up (see slack)

COT – I thanked the PAX for supporting the Q and told them how much I appreciate them. We ended with an Our Father. Backflop -Q

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