Backblast – The Big Ka-POW-ski 6/18/20 @Bayside

COPSSH 20 in cadence, grass grabbers 15 in cadence, plank downward dog,
calf side to side, hand to foot then twist to sky then other side, 3 corbas, arms
 (shoulders/triceps), quads
Indian ran to Grab mini coupons 
Pre circuit Brick walk with rows from 10 to 30 yrds/ bernie back
Circuit 1minCarry mini coupons with you through out WO box after each station in cadence Ka (1) POW(2) ski(3) Then the count (1,2,3,4,5, etc), after full circuit ran a lap around football field and repeated
1Jump rope 
2Heavy Bag slams (birdie’s boys were in danger
3Heavy Bag flips (Birdie’s “boys” were in danger with the chain swinging up)
4Bicep curl with chains thru coupon
5Battle Rope
Group circle:Sally up (shoulder press) Sally Down (squat) to Moby’s Flower
Big boys with one-two punch at top 15 in cadence
american hammer w/ mini coupons 10 in cadence
side crunches 20/side
AnnouncementsAir Supply: Habitat for Humanity house work on Saturday July 18th 
Slide Rule: F3 Louisville Convergence July 18th at the O and GrowRuck October 9-11
Intention Birdies elbow needs healing

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