BB: Gisele VQ @ Plesantville

I spin you right round…. running circles.

13 Pax Cratchit, Holy Roller (R), Brown Water, Harbaugh, Bulletin (R), LePew, Colonel Clink, Potter, Jolly Rancher, Handbook, Viking, Meter Maid,  Gisele (Q)

Weather: 68 clear with the sun rising

Disclaimer was given and an overview of the day as the last of the Pax showed. Started off with 5 Burpees with a Mosey to Norton Commons Elementary.

SSH, Grass Grabbers, Toy Soldiers, Michael Phelps, Downward Dog to get some good stretching in. After that we did a Indian Run which quickly turned into some going to a full out competitive sprint.

Main Thang the Circle the Lights of Pleasantville.

11 Lamp posts circle a small park surrounded by beautiful homes. In trying to not wake the neighbors we split into two groups going opposite directions. Each light pole a triggered some PT.

Round 1: Slow Mosey first pole Medium pace next pole sprint than restart

Round 2: 10 Squats each pole Mosey between

Round 3: 10 Plank Jacks each pole Lunge Walk halfway to the next pole then Mosey

Round 4: Mario to the pole then Mosey. Rinse and repeat.

Time for some Mary-> LePew with 50 flutter kicks and Holly Roller with 2 minutes of Burpees

 CoR/NoR. Announcements and Intentions. Several friends and family on our mind for intentions continue to keep all of them in your prayers. My message today was 2 years ago I was extremely overweight, out of shape and just ashamed of myself. Today I passed 150 posts and I would not have imagined doing this 2 years ago. Wrap your arms around someone in the community who needs us for physical and mental health. Until next time Gisele out!

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