7.3.20 BB- BO at The Garden

YHC went out on a limb and asked to change the start time for a Friday (no work for most) Black Ops. I was rewarded with 6 other dedicated HIM who would join me for what might be known as an incredibly stupid workout.

Disclaimer- NOT a Professional

COP- the usual suspects, SSH, Copperhead Squats, Toy Soldiers, Grass Grabbers, Downward Dog/ Runners stretches.

The Beginning- Merkin challenge. Had PAX pair up. Partner 1 would do 5 merkins. Partner 2 would hold low position until P1 completes. 4 rounds. My arms were visibly shaking at the end. Good warmup for sure.

Main Thang- Stack the Baptizer

We ran the Baptizer in between each exercise. Did exercise 1, then did #1 and #2, then 1,2 and 3 until had stacked so many curls that the natives were growing visibly restless. Thankfully I’ve Cube’s all time great “It Was A Good Day” came on. The last line…”stop this sh…” and it was time to switch it up…Kraken Burpees for everyone!!! 10 of them. A few F bombs were heard. (You just never know when those things will show up.)

Time for another exercise. Obama between the parking medians. WOOF.

A little Mary to finish.

Time to circle up. Thanked the PAX for their time and support. The M brought donuts and we all enjoyed a cold water and donuts. Appreciated the 2nd F opportunity with a few that could stick around. Hope to do this more often.

Have a great 4th!

SYITG- Jewel

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