7/4/2020 Back Blast – The Incubator @ Poshlands

Over the past few weeks while visiting the different AO’s, there was one common complaint amongst the PAX – the extra weight brought on by “quarantine” aka the lack of posting as normal or the rejuvenated enjoyment of sleeping in. Regardless, I wanted to do what I could in order to aid in fixing the issue. This means we are going to run. There is no better AO in Louisville to do this than the Poshlands.

PAX: Drysdale, Meathead, Iceman, PK, Jitterbug, Tenderfoot, Mr. Kotter, Potter, Uncle Rico, Stick Up (Q).

Due to the extremely humid weather the parking lots are filling up earlier than normal at the park. We are also competing for a meeting spot with our new found fit mom friends. Due to the crowds, we had our disclaimer and moseyed over to the coupon parking lot for COP.

COP: 30 High Knees (IC), 15 Grass Grabbers (IC), 10 Toy Soldiers (IC), Doward dog L/R calf stretch, runners stretch, pigeon stretch, 10 Merkins.

The plan for the morning’s beat down was given to the PAX and off we started on our trek. We began our journey by running over the bridge to the fountain for pit stop 1. 30 Butt to ledge squats, 30 derkins (all together). Time to continue our mosey. Back down the ramp to the Louisville Loop path and took that to the southern parking lot by the next bridge.
Pit stop 2. 30 SSH (IC), 30 Flutter kicks (IC), 30 Butt Kicks (IC). Not quite halfway there but let’s keep going.
Under the bridge and on to the gravel path that circles up and comes back down to the barn by the long grassy hill. We pull off and circled up.
Pit stop 3. 30 Bobby Hurleys, 30 BBSUs, 30 Merkins. We still have to get back so let’s keep moving.
We continued up the path, down under the original bridge and then back over to the egg lawn path. We went counter clockwise to the first parking lot for out final scheduled stop.
10 BOYOs, bear crawl to the other end of the parking lot, 10 BOYOs. Time was coming to an end. Everyone take the long way back to the flags at your own pace. We let the rabbits get out front and the rest of us gave it our best shot at keeping up. Some dips and LBCs until everyone arrives and it was time for 13 Jack in the boxes to finish up. All this was completed in the designated time and followed Uncle Rico’s 4 mile rule (someone stated they tracked us at approx 3.8 total miles).

COT: count-o-rama, name-o-rama, announcements, intentions, extremely important and moving thoughts by Drysdale ( Thank you for sharing!!), words of thanks.

The best part of the day was seeing a few HIMs back in the gloom!! Meathead, Potter, Iceman it was GREAT seeing you guys again!

It was truly an honor to lead these fine gentlemen on America’s 224th Birthday. There is a lot to be said about a HIM who is willing to get up early, put in the work, and smile the whole time. #ISI

-Stick Up

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