Back Blast 30-Jun-2020 “Old School County Day” at the Loco at the County Airplane & Abacus Co-Q

The basics:

PAX: 24

Storm Trooper, Big Bird, Catfish, Double Down (R), Cochran, Fungi, Crock Pot, Captain Crunchberry, Mama’s Boy, Tidwell, Fezziwig (FNG – welcome), Cratchit, Little Jerry (R), Hush Puppy, Ashley, Asian Zing (R), Stick Up, Ladybird (R), Le Pew, Worm, Jolly Rancher, Boozer, Airplane (Q), Abacus (Q)

PAX moseyed the long way to the front lot, did COP warm ups, and counted off as 1’s and 2’s. The 1’s stayed in the front lot, the 2’s went to the back lot. Both groups did AMRAP of: 20 BBSU, 30 Merkins, 40 Squats, 50 Air Presses, 400 m run. 3 Mary exercises made it complete.

The backstory:

During the first week of June it just seemed that the County PAX had lost some momentum. Sure, among the circumstances this was expected. There are many things that take priority over F3, so a decline in attendance, enthusiasm, Slack traffic, etc. wasn’t a major surprise. YHC wanted to do something to break the monotony, see some old faces, and hopefully be a spark to potentially relight the fire of PAX who had slowly disengaged. Perhaps I was just projecting. You see, despite site-Q’ing the Tuesday Zoom workout during quarantine, YHC loosened the reigns too much. Broken routines and lack of discipline left me ~15 lbs heavier with no cardiovascular gas tank all in the span of less than 3 months. I didn’t want other PAX to share this fate and certainly didn’t want them to careen farther off the road than I did. I hadn’t seen several of the guys I looked up to when I first started F3 for a while. Worse (shame on me), I hadn’t heard from them for a while either.

A separate backstory:

Earlier this year, YHC had collaborated on & off with some PAX about making a shovel flag specifically for the Loco, the County’s Tuesday (boot camp) workout. I’ll admit I did the lion’s share of the grumbling (read: whining) about the perils of all the County site Q’s sharing one flag. Due to my M’s occupation, I’m typically in attendance for 3.8% of the Nest workouts during the first half of the year. Me not being at these workouts often left Pelican and I no choice but to do a flag swap over the weekend.

There had been no specific timeline for making a “Loco” flag, but it’d been on my mind. Captain Crunchberry overheard my whining. Instead of smacking me in the back of the head (he should’ve done that as well), out of the blue he told me he had already made one for me. He even provided an American flag to top it off. Maybe I just can’t be satisfied, but I wanted a custom flag just for the Loco to fly just beneath the American flag. Nino, the mind behind the coolest F3 Louisville graphics, photos, and logos, masterminded the creation of the Loco logo. Now we just needed the right time to reveal it.

Another separate backstory:

Although operating as a BlackOps for quite some time, the official anniversary date of the County is in June. 2020 was it’s official 2nd birthday.

The result:

This all coalesced into “Old School County Day” at the end of June. The goal was to reinvigorate some dusty PAX, get a monster workout (thanks Airplane and Abacus), and reveal the new shovel flag. Invitations were made, specifically to the 2+ year County PAX. The workout was well attended. It seemed to deliver on the promise to get some face time with the old PAX.

As the site Q who passed the proverbial torch of the Loco to me, I wanted Valdez to be the first to plant the new shovel flag. Due to concern about potential Covid-19 exposure (and him proactively making the selfless call to step back from the Q) that didn’t happen, but he cheered us on. Thanks brother, I look up to you. Abacus and Airplane got to plant the shovel and mount the flag as representatives of the original County squad. Also, all the credit is due to the combination of Nino for the logo (complete with some hidden “Easter egg” features) and Captain Crunchberry for the shovel flag (also with some hidden features). I’d be happy to tell you how awesome it is, but it would be better for both of us if you came and saw it yourself. SYITG.

Getting better together,

Crock Pot

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