Backblast-Pelican Q-Planetarium 7/7/20

A young mobile, agile and hostile Pelican

The Boondocks is an awesome AO, with a great group of HIM who call that place home. I try to go there every few weeks and Q there every couple of months. Knowing these PAX I knew I had to bring it and wanted to bring something I hadn’t done yet since I’ve been Qing a lot and a lot of these guys had been to many of those. With that said I went to what I know best-basketball conditioning.

I got there about ten minutes early (was woken up early by Cookie Monster who snuck in my bed in the middle night and was talking in her sleep-“Are you a super hero-yes or no?”. Assuming she was talking to me I said yes and got up early to get to work. Focker, Bulletin and an abandoned Jeep were there when I arrived. Cochran, Backflop, Colonel Klink, LePew, Dauber, Holy Roller (who’s back to being on time), and Nutty Professor (big props to him for being one of Daubers 16 brother in laws and driving up from Destin to his second AO in as many days) rounded out the crew. I had on my Spalding Pelican university sweatshirt that we used to wear to games on. It was 72 degrees and super humid so you can imagine how much I was sweating. We took the workout over to the b-ball court for some warmups—we did the stretching routine that we did at Spalding to get loose or what I remember of it. To round out our stretching we did layup lines—but we lunge walked to the rim and then did a “lay up”. No ball or rim but it was fun. Sweatshirt came off before then and my New Orleans Pelicans shirt made a short appearance. It was hot so it didn’t last long before I broke out my jersey from college. Dauber asked if I would sign it for him but I declined.

We got to work with the first Thang—11s with clap merkins and down and backs from one baseline to the other. By the time we got to 10 down and backs most of the PAX told me they didn’t like basketball and judging from their layup form earlier basketball didn’t like them.

We went to Thang 2-which were full court defensive slides going to the free throw line to half court to other free throw line to baseline then sprint cross baseline and come back the same way. All the while one PAX was doing a rebounding drill going from one side of the back board to the other and jumping up pretending to rebound. Once the first person got back they switched out. Or that’s what we were supposed to do—I saw Clink and Focker shooting fade-aways, Nutty Professor was shooting 3 foot jumpers without jumping and not sure what the rest were doing. My college coach would have kicked us out of practice by then—which sounds cool in theory but just means you get two a days for the next week at the worst time—like 6 am for a college student, after a game or right in the middle of the Super Bowl…

We were ready for Thang 3 but forgot how cool my play list was so going to mention that. All songs were basketball related-a few from the Space Jam soundtrack….but I did get a Snoop song in and LePew correctly pointed out that it was not on the Space Jam soundtrack ….the song itself has nothing to do with basketball but it was on the Above the Rim soundtrack so it counts. Back to Thang 3…suicides but before we did then we did 10 reps of calf raises, squats and squat to calf raises. Did three rounds of that and did 20 reps on the second round before the suicide. Left a few minutes for some V-Ups, gas pumps and planks.

Countorama, name o Rama, announcements and intentions. Shared with the group that part of the reason I did the basketball theme was this group of guys reminded me of some of my favorite teams I’ve been on. Everyone has each other’s backs and no one cares who gets the glory they just want to see their brothers succeed.

Lastly I’m glad this group that was there today are all awesome guys and my friends now and not on my basketball teams when I was younger or we wouldn’t have won many games.

Pelican out

Oh and PS we were going to bear crawl in the grass but Focker made sure we couldn’t…the end

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