Back-Blast Friday 07/10/2020 – Dauber at The Chopper

As you might remember from my pre-blast, this was my first…oh forget it…it was clear during COP that none of these otherwise exceptional PAX in attendance had read the pre-blast. Back to that in a moment.  Let me restart from the top…10 PAX in total arrived and circled around the Vets seal where the disclaimer was given, including an extra reminder to keep our distance. 

PAX:  ETO, Meatball, Bunghole, Aerobie(R), Leno, Hushpuppy, Nutty Professor, Stick Up, Dynamite, Dauber (Q)

We set off on a mosey to the back parking lot where I had dropped a few cones and the speaker.  Mumblechatter was growing as we circled up for COP…SSH IC 30x (last 10 double time); Grass Grabbers IC 10x; Kendra Newmans & Michael Phelps; Downward Dog; Mountain Climbers IC 10x (once I remembered what these were called)

As we warmed up, I gave a preview of the workout and that we would be “moving around a lot” to which Aerobie immediately called me out as having not been in the pre-blast.  It seemed there were other mutterings in agreement with Aerobie, but I am an overly sensitive guy so maybe I am just imagining that.  (note: I was not just imagining that).  Luckily we wrapped up COP before the argument got too heated and, in hindsight, Aerobie is right that I did not explicitly state “moving around a lot” in the pre-blast (I guess “fast-paced”, “high-tempo”, and “heart rate will be elevated” were not explicit enough).

Either way, we were ready to hit the Main Thang – BURPEE 11s.  This consisted of a normal set of 11s running the full length of the parking lot, but each time you passed the cones set up in the middle, PAX dropped down for 3 burpees (both on the way up and back).  I called out the first set 11s exercises BBSU and 4-count Gas Pumps, briefly explained the way 11s work to Nutty Professor, and turned on the rock mix playlist.  I knew this was going to be a high heart rate workout (I literally put that in the pre-blast), but it was even tougher than I expected as everyone was killing it but it still took us quite a bit of time to get through the first set.  It was no surprise to see a few PAX out in front (Stick Up, Dynomite, Hushpuppy, Bunghole) and another group right on their heels (ETO, Aerobie, Leno, Meatball)…only Nutty Professor seemed to be a little behind.  I figured it was just some fatigue as he posted for the first time at a beach BO last Friday and followed that up with posting 4 of 5 days this week!  But…it was actually because he didn’t really know how to count 11s so I think he did about 50 too many BBSU and who knows how many Gas Pumps.  Once NP was squared away I was starting to wear down late in the first set of 11s, but then ETO gave me a quick nod and a few words of approval for the workout which got me going again.  As you probably know if you are still reading this, 99% of my back blasts are BS.  Well, for my 1% truth here ya go..little things like ETO genuinely saying “this is a good workout man” in the middle of a Q is what makes F3 what it is.  It’s the thousands of little things like that…the encouragement, challenges, jokes, etc.  It’s a little bit of everything that you can’t quite define that drives this group.  I love you guys.

Ok…back to the BS.  

ETO’s words had me hyped up again.  So much so that I did not even realize that he was wearing sweatpants for the workout.  Like old school, sweat your ass off in December, cotton sweatpants.  Pulled up above the calves like he knew I was gonna be playing 80s hair band rock for the workout.  I know no one read the pre-blast, but assumed the PAX would at least check their weather app.  Respect to ETO and his hot, sweaty legs.

After wrapping up this first set of 11s, we all democratically agreed to run another set as fast as we could until time, so we hit it again with another set of burpee 11s.  This time  Reverse Crunches and 4-count Flutter Kicks.  We got about midday through and time was running short, so we moseyed back to the seal with the sultry sounds of Meatloaf guiding us there.  We circled up for Count-arama, Name-arama, Announcements (CONVERGENCE!!!!), Intentions and a final Prayer.

This was my first Q at Vets and looking forward to my next…this morning was a blast.


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