Back Blast – Station @ Inferno – 07/16/2020

Beautiful morning at The Station as always. Co-piloted for Airplane at last minute – because I love Qing. But, I didn’t realize it until now that I think this is the second time I’ve now subbed for Airplane on his last two scheduled Qs. I asked him again if he had a weinke as he did for the first one (which I modified then)…he did, and he sent it to me. The PAX should be thankful I said hell no to what he had planned and called an audible again. You have been warned for his next Q. It looks definitional of CSAUP…right up our alley!

Disclaimer was provided – including specific mention of COVID. We need to be smart. Told the PAX to remember to distance and each man made the decision to be there. Asked if they agreed to continue, to follow me.


  • Holy Roller (R)
  • Flip Flop
  • Dauber
  • Nutty Professor
  • Abacus
  • Jolly Rancher (Q)

It was good to meet Nutty Professor. Realized it was basically a family reunion for him with Dauber and Flip Flop…except I didn’t hear any fighting.

Took our coupons and headed for the main pad in front of the firehouse for some COP:

  • SSH
  • Downward Dog and Runner Stretches
  • Grass Grabbers
  • Hillbillies
  • Michael Phelps

Thang 1 – 11s

Lined up with our backs to the fire trucks. At the top was man makers and the bottom of the parking lot at the street was big boy sit-ups.

I worked out next to Holy Roller. Pretty sure he was salivating when I introduced the workout. Surely this would buy me some goodwill with him such that he wouldn’t call a man maker during Mary anytime soon, right? More on that shortly.

Early finishers did some LBCs and flutter kicks.

Once that was done we took a lap around campus. Abacus was wearing his weight vest so I thought I’d have a chance to stay in front. It was all good until the half way point – wheels started to fall off of my pace and sure enough, I finished as the six.

Thang 2 : More 11s

This time we went to the parking lot of the fire house. Started on one side with the parking lot bumpers – with a parking space in between the PAX for distancing. Goal was to do incline merkins on this side, then bear crawl to the opposite side for decline merkins. Then mosey back. This sucked.

Early finishers were rewarded with another lap around campus while Nutty Professor and I wrapped up the Thang.

Grabbed the coupons and went back to the starting point (where the flag would have been) for some Mary.


I started off with gas pumps. And, sure enough, Holy Roller was to my left. During my gas pumps, I was trying to decide do I chance it and call him next or go counter clockwise as we typically do on him. But, we’ve already done a shit ton of man makers – surely he wouldn’t do it again, right? So, I called on him. I no longer have respect for him…as he called for more man makers (only kidding, love you man!). Then Flip Flop took us through some big boys (or maybe it was LBCs…?) and Abacus ended with some flutter kicks.


Time was called.

Namearama, countarama, announcements and intentions.

Abacus mentioned the Hope Scarves virtual running, rucking, walking, or whatevering that is coming up in early August. Check with him for delays since the relay race wasn’t possible this year, which was supported heavily within F3.

COVID sucks. But, glad to be able to still do what we do.

Jolly Rancher out!

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