BB: 7/16 The Agony

Most of you know that I have a love for Tom Brady, heck my name is Gisele and when I was given that name I was excited. Your workout name shares a name of the beautiful wife of Tom Brady? YES the GOAT, who was drafted in the 6th round. My love for Tom Brady isn’t just because of the Championships he brought to my home state, yes I am a masshole. It is not just because he represents the team of the tattoo on my leg. He was a 6th round draft pick that has gone on to be the greatest QB of all time. Check his combine day photo. This scrawny kid at the NFL combine, a second rate college QB, Buckeyes fans laughed (even though TB 3 – OSU 1). The greatest of all time. My F3 name is the same name of his beautiful wife, a model, makes twice as much he does. Now does it all make sense on why I am excited and why I wore the best shirt you have ever seen?

Tom Brady always has been perfect, that is until 75 days ago. I get why he didn’t retire but a piece of me is now broken. For that we had to work hard to perfect his imperfections.

68 and Steamy with 11 Pax. Only fitting that Tommy has worn number 12 and 10 as a Wolverine and Patriot so splitting it was okay by me. We started with a disclaimer and social distancing reminder. Only took 14 seconds for Jerry Maguire to give me some correction. I am okay with it he has earned it.

We moseyed to the top parking lot some COP: SSH, Grass grabers, toy soldiers, downward dog and Michael Phelps. Mosey to the back lot and here was the Main Thang.

Thang 1: We partnered up in the sense of you were not working side by side or as JM said just stay away from each other. Pax 1 puts in work Pax 2 mosey and the a switch a roo until completed.

Age 43: burpees

Losses: 70 Merkins

Interceptions: 180 Sit-ups

Sacks: 500 (200) Lunge, (200) Squats, (100) Air Press

At this point people were pretty down that Tommy had these kind of stats. Me too as I kept reliving Tommy’s last pass was an INT so we were not done.

Thang 2:

27 Million Salary: LBCs

45 Million Salary for Gisele: Flutter Kicks

60+ seconds of plank to match his completion percentage and time!

COR/NOR some announcements and intentions. Today the intentions impacted people of all ages. We work hard when when the clock strikes 5:30. There is many that would only dream to do what we get the opportunity to. For that I am blessed and pray for those who are battling illness or have lost their courageous battles, leaving our world and heading home to the lords kingdom.

If you got to the end of this back blast I am impressed. Especially if you are reading this and you missed out on waking up with Gisele. I bet you go look at the calendar now and circle the next Gisele Q.

Until next time – Gisele

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